A Review on the Redcat Racing Rampage XT Gar Truck 1/5 Scale

When you are tired in spending too much of your hard earned money on the nitro- fuel and need 1/5 scale car then you should go in for the Redcat Rampage XT? The gas powered RC car is the best in the Gas Powered RC Cars. The RC car comes with a 500cc fuel capacity and 30cc 2-stroke engine.

The RC car has 2.4Hz radio and single speed transition. The RC car is ideal for purchase during the Christmas time or for special occasions. It is one of the good in gas powered cars which is available in the market as of now. However it is crucial that you check out the review of the Redcat Rampage XT.


The gas powered car is affordable and can be one of the ideal vehicles you could have owned. It can move on very high speeds on surfaces. You can use it for climbing hills and also for jumping. The acceleration of the RC car is good on many surfaces. The heavy duty disc-brake is good because it can lock the tires easily.

Gas Powered RC Cars

The jumping characteristics mid-flight of the RC car is decent. The RC car is very durable. The vehicle is heavy and fast.


The brakes finessing enable the car from the locking up. Braking mechanism can lock-up on without input from the brake when large amount of the dust enter. The Redcat Racing Rampage XT is exciting and fun to own. It is powerful and big. The engine of the RC car is powered by heavy duty of aluminum chassis and thicker plastic components.

Hope you enjoyed the reading the review on the Gas Powered Remote Control Cars for Sale. However it is crucial that you purchase these cars from a reliable source.

The gas powered RC cars are not cheap hence you should choose them wisely.