Clash royale hack: A battle of combat and damage

Clash royale is a game where the arena is basically divided into two equal parts consisting of a total of six towers. This means that three of the six towers belong to each of the two players. To win one has to destroy the opponent’s tower while protecting his own tower from getting destroyed within the stipulated time.

If one destroys one of the opponent’s towers, he will get one crown. For destruction of two of the opponent’s tower two crowns. However, if one destroys the king’s tower of the opponent one shall get three crowns and instantly win.

How to win every time hack:

  1. Avoid destroying the king’s tower:

Most people make the mistake of attacking the king’s tower as soon as the game begins. This puts one in a disadvantage. This is because the potential of the king’s tower is much more than the other two arena towers.


Clash Royale Hack


Therefore destroying the king’s tower will entail more effort as compared to the arena towers and since the game continues for a limited time this puts the player at a disadvantage.

Also, when the game begins the king is in a sleep mode. He will wake up if his tower is attacked or an arena tower is destroyed. As soon as he wakes up he shall start firing from his cannon therefore defending one’s tower seems difficult.

Moreover, a win ensures a trophy. However the same trophy shall be awarded irrespective of whether the game was won by destroying the king’s tower or the two arena towers.

  1. Use low elixir:

The secret to win battles is to use low elixir. Every card has an elixir value and the best Clash Royale Hack is to counter the opponent’s move by using low elixir card every time he uses high powered elixir card. Using elixir efficiently ensures that one is always in the lead as one uses lower elixir card or combination of lower elixir card to counter high elixir cards.