Saranow Law Group: Making tax payments a happy occasion for our clients

No one wants to lose out on their own hard earned money. Though it is for the greater good that one pays taxes, no one really pays them without repenting it. If you say you love to pay your taxes, you might be slight lying. The government too is aware that citizens aren’t really very eager to pay taxes and hence, to encourage the citizens to pay their taxes on time and the right and correct amount of tax- the government of every country that has a property tax, has come up with a property tax appraisal system. This system encourages its tax payers to pay their taxes on time by offering them incentives and monetary rebates and benefits. In doing so, the government ensures that its revenue generation is maintained while the interests of the citizens too are looked after. Keeping this system in mind, law firms like Saranow Law Group have come up with a service known as Property Tax Appeal Service to help its clients know the various tax facilities and rebates on offer so that their clients do their bit for their country while keeping their individual interests intact.


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Consequences of not paying property tax

The consequences of not paying property tax depends on the laws of the land and its implementation you are in, which your Property Tax Lawyer can get you well accustomed with. However, there are come some very common consequences of not paying property tax, which are:

  • You are levied a penalty over and above your property tax in case you are identified as a regular tax defaulter.
  • In case you do not pay the tax and the penalty, your property is liable to be confiscated by the government and marked as their own.
  • You can even get yourself behind bars for being a wilful property tax defaulter.
  • You might be imposed with a further fine as well.