Sarongs – the must-haves in your summer wardrobe

Are you in search of some assistance to your best in your next getaway with someone special or your friends? This is the right place to be. Starting from what colors to swear by to the amazing tricks of wrapping sarongs to make the most use out of them, we have got you covered.

Plus Size Sarongs

Are you draping your sarongs right? Find out

Sarongs, as we know are one the most favorite and ideal outfits for beach trips. So along with owning a modern piece, we must also have the idea of the correct ways to sport it. Here are some amazing and super easy tricks to wrap your sarongs-

  • Start with vertically holding your sarong and then drape it around yourself by going under your arms. This is the most basic way of draping a sarong.
  • A Sarong can be worn as a halter dress as well. Take any two corners and tie a double knot at your neck and now twist the material in front to create a mock keyhole. Following this gather the other two corners at the back and secure it with a double knot.
  • Take two ends of your favorite sarong and tie a double knot at your shoulder. Following this tie another double knot with the other two ends at your waist. This will give an exceptional one shoulder look.

Sarongs can be sported on several different styles according to one’s body type. These days one can even find Plus Size Sarongs very easily in the market or online in desired fabrics. So, ladies, it is time to let go of your inhibitions and grab your piece right away. Sport them with sheer confidence and they are sure to make you look like a diva instantly.